WRITE OF WAY: Model-turned-writer Petrina Khashoggi is revisiting her former milieu by signing on as the face of the New York-based knitwear label Minnie Rose. The 30-year-old said Tuesday she is also penning a fictional family drama, but “based on my own life story so there is plenty of material to draw on there.” (Born out of wedlock, she met her two half-sisters and biological father Jonathan Aitken later in life. Aitken, the former Tory minister, served 18 months in jail for perjury and perverting the course of justice.)

He too is at work at the desk, wrapping up the biography “Margaret Thatcher: A Study in Power and Personality.” “I am in awe how dedicated he is about writing. He gets up at 6 a.m. and churns out about 2,000 words a day. When I started working on my book, he told me, ‘Writing is one percent inspiration and about 99 percent perspiration.’ That’s so true.”

Now based in Manhattan Beach, Khashoggi is also writing for the new Web site Imagista (#pettykhash.) The former New Yorker is about to publish her first children’s book “Operation Bumpkin Birthday” with illustrations by Mark Graham. “It’s about three rat brothers who live in the subway but they want something better.


They’re fed up with scavenging for food all the time.” Khashoggi said. “They go from downtown New York to the Upper East Side where they hatch a plan to break into a children’s birthday party. It’s very Roald Dahl with a dark twist. I think adults will enjoy reading it too.”

Her new gig with Minnie Rose’s Lisa Shaller-Goldberg has made Khashoggi want to do more modeling on the side. There may be room for both considering she was discovered  at 16 in a coffee shop, while squabbling with her mother.