NBC New's Better site.

NBC News is upping its digital game with a new web site meant to allow it to service more sponsored content and video than before.

The site, which was built with Code + Theory over the course of 16 weeks, is a cleaner, more responsive site for desktop and mobile. NBC News declined to provide details on how much it invested in the digital rehaul.

According to Moritz Gimbel, vice president of product for NBC News Group, the company began testing two new verticals, Mach and Better, earlier this year, in order to monitor reader habits.

The company said it found early success with both Mach, a science, space and technology site, and Better, a wellness site created by the digital editors of “Today.”

“People come to us for hard news and politics but they stay for more lifestyle stuff,” Gimbel said, noting that Mach launched with sponsor Boeing, and Better with Bayer. (Aetna will be Better’s next sponsor).

Those two verticals acted as pop-up sites for NBC at first but their success will likely be replicated in the form of new sub-sites set to roll out throughout the year. The next vertical is dubbed “Think,” a commentary and opinion site, the company said.

Gimbel underscored the versatility of the site, which includes the ability to add new verticals, create new feature packages and manipulate ad unit size in what the executive calls “ratio-based advertising.”

In addition to the simple design, Gimbel called out the film strip experience of its video viewing, which is optimized for mobile. The next project for NBC News, which encompasses sites for shows “Nightly News,” “Meet The Press,” Today” and “Dateline,” is the migration to a new CMS [content management system] by early next year.

In addition to the development of a site, NBC News also revealed its broader international push Wednesday via a partnership with Euronews. The company said it is acquiring a 25 percent stake in Euronews, in order to “support the expanded news coverage and programming across Europe.” According to reports, the deal is worth about $30 million.

Media Globe Networks will continue to be the majority shareholder in Euronews, and the existing public shareholders will remain in the company and continue to “ensure its European focus and sensibility,” NBC News said, adding that its TV and digital platforms will soon be cobranded “Euronews NBC.”

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