LONDON —, Condé Nast’s e-commerce and omnichannel shopping proposition, is slated to launch in early in September in the U.K., with a Continental European and American rollout to follow a few weeks later.

The web site will aim to offer a luxury shopping experience alongside shoppable options from titles including and To promote the launch of the site, it will be rolling out a series of digital teasers on its social media platforms. The site, which poses the question “What is” features the work of collage and abstract artists to get the message across.

The e-commerce’s fashion director Yasmin Sewell took to Instagram to tease the site and also posted a short video.

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“It’s a big change for me, and was completely unexpected, but I wanted to be part of this big, exciting project, which has so much scope,” said Sewell, pointing to the fashion, interiors, beauty and technology elements of the future site. “It’s a start-up, but with all the expectation that comes with being part of Condé Nast.”

President of global e-commerce Franck Zayan oversees the U.K.-based web site, while Melissa Dick is editorial director, and Mo White is chief product officer.

In a previous interview, Zayan told WWD that he sees as a “connector” between the magazines and the products, and an added layer of service to readers. Part of Condé’s plan is to embed commercial links earlier in the online reader’s journey, and also give them the option to switch off the e-commerce bit altogether, if they are not interested in shopping.

Using the latest technology, their aim is to bind together reading and shopping so tightly that the two come to feed each other, and hopefully generate a big revenue stream for the company.

The new site will roll out in the U.K. with Vogue and GQ initially. The site will eventually encompass all Condé titles internationally.

Readers will be able to buy through two channels, the magazines themselves and As reported, won’t hold any stock, and the brands — which will eventually range from fashion to food and wine to travel — will take care of fulfillment.

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