New York Magazine’s plans to expand its signature fashion blog The Cut have been evident since May, when it hired Gawker sex and scandal blogger Maureen O’Connor as features editor.

It looked like the blog would grow to cover other women’s interests besides fashion and beauty products, but management had been coy about its plans.

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This week, the magazine finally confirmed the blog would relaunch in August with a broad mandate to cover women’s issues. Besides its staple interests, relationships, sex, health and politics are also part of the mix in a new section it’s christened Love & War.

Its main contributor is a new hire — Kat Stoeffel, the media reporter at the New York Observer.

A spokeswoman said the expansion plans have been in the works for 18 months.

The Cut, when it relaunches August 13, does a number of things for the magazine, starting with a an expanded platform to capitalize on fashion advertising. It’s also a chance to groom the plucky fashion blog into a traffic beast like its pop culture blog, Vulture, which has its own vertical. The Cut will still be under

And it catches up with popular blogs Jezebel and Slate’s Double X, which launched five years ago with the aim of writing for and about women, and The Awl’s The Hairpin, now two years old.

One of The Cut’s original staffers, Amy Odell, fled to Buzzfeed in February to start that site’s own women’s-interest blog. Not quite caught up is The Daily Beast: their new blog, FashionBeast, has a singular focus.

Stoeffel says she’s a fan of those blogs, but noted there’s still “space to cover politics and straight news from a female perspective without being all about the ladies.” Like Jezebel, the relaunched blog won’t “shy away from celebrity news,” Stoeffel said.

She’ll be the main contributor to Love & War, and a spokeswoman said freelancers will also be driving daily content. The blog’s will also give up-and-coming photographers a platform to show off original images.

Stoeffel started two years ago as a media blogger at the Observer, and took over its media column, Off the Record, after Nick Summers left for Newsweek in January 2011. Her last column runs next week.