TIMING PINTEREST: Even the New York Times is on Pinterest now. On its profile, it has boards dedicated to hair, summer escapes and crunchy food. Among the future boards it’s considering are “Sizzling, Dripping, Melting and Splashing;” “High Tech High Fashion;” and, simply, “Kitchens.” The profile was inevitable. Since its launch two years ago, the photo-sharing social network has become a one-stop shop for design and food porn for a massive, easily distracted readership.

The Times was preceded by The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, Mashable and Gannett, among others. There’s now even a Pinterest en Español. With the mouth-watering photo spreads of its dining, home and style sections, it was beginning to look curious why the Times hadn’t joined already.

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“We don’t tend to jump at a new social network because we kind of want to see whether it takes off and what the community has an appetite for,” said Alexis Mainland, a social media editor at the daily.

The paper developed an appetite just as Pinterest reached 13.5 million monthly users, according to AppData. “We hope to reach a wider audience,” Mainland said. “There are many people on there who are very interested in these topic areas, and they may or may not be familiar with The New York Times.”

Mainland also said this is “a rich way for readers to interact with our editors,” as they’ll be personally pinning items on the paper’s boards. She’s on it, and so is online fashion editor Simone Bridges Oliver. We’re holding our breath for Cathy Horyn’s board of cute sweaters and yummy bundt cakes.