News Corp. had perhaps one of the most laid-back Newfront presentations this week.

The publisher of The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal hosted its 2015 presentation of digital video programming on Friday morning in Chelsea. Instead of a big stage, guests watched a short video on the new programming (how fitting), while servers circulated with treats and beverages, such as Bloody Marys and bite-size squares of quiche.

The Post will release original videos on high-end real estate (“Surreal Estate”) and offbeat career (“Do What You Love”), as well as “Here to Help,” in which viewers ask an expert and a comedian advice on subjects such as dating and finance.

From The Wall Street Journal, the company will offer “The Fixer,” a life-hack, or how-to, video, along with a tech video called “WSJD Tech.” The paper will also launch “#TheShortAnswer,” a motion graphics-driven explainer series on trending news topics.

Post Studios, The New York Post’s native advertising unit, will debut “One More Night,” a series on now-defunct legendary music venues that will feature performances by today’s musicians.

News Corp. will also debut IAF, or Internet Action Force, which is code for (hopefully) viral videos, a play that is likely inspired by the success found by Buzzfeed. The company said IAF’s “mission is to produce videos about what people are talking about, find the best of the Web’s weirdest and spark original conversations.”