Nike is leading on Instagram, which continues to be fashion’s favorite social outlet, with 36 brands adding 100,000-plus new followers last month.

Instagram outpaced Facebook, where 16 brands saw 100,000 or more new likes, and Twitter, where only five brands hit that mark with new followers, according to the latest rankings by Stylophane. On Pinterest, where followings are generally smaller, the brand picking up the most followers was Lulu Guinness, with 86,847.

Fashion has shown a consistent affinity for Instagram and its picture-heavy format that’s ready for the latest look or inspiration.

Nike was the fastest growing brand on Instagram, with 1.4 million new followers last month. Victoria Beckham came in close behind with 1.2 million new followers. Rounding out the top five, Dior had 510,176 new followers, while Louis Vuitton brought in 487,382 and Adidas snagged 431,012.

Although a steady stream of posts has long been seen as important to keeping followers’ attention, volume does not necessarily equal success. Despite the clear thirst for content from followers, Nike posted just five new photos on Instagram for the month. The sports brand also sent out just three tweets and one Facebook post, but saw strong growth on both of those outlets.

Nike favors bold shots of athletes wearing its gear on Instagram, product shots on Twitter and a mixture of both on Facebook.

While Facebook has scale, with more than 1.4 billion monthly active users, the social network has never really connected commercially.

Both Pinterest and Instagram are taking their shot at commerce, in their own ways. Pinterest is installing a “buy” button while the Facebook-owned Instagram is expanding its ad offerings to brands.