“You know what? This was the most talked about, anticipated cover,” said Marie Claire fashion director Nina Garcia on Monday night, waiting for a screening of the film “Limitless” to begin. She was standing on the third floor of the Hearst Tower outside of the company’s movie theater in a gray dress with bejeweled shoulders. Behind her, a small mob of teens was taking pictures of the film’s stars, Bradley Cooper and Abbie Cornish, posing in front of themselves on the April cover of Marie Claire.


Cooper plays a struggling writer who starts taking an experimental, Adderall-like drug that increases brain function. “We had been planning it for months, and I was like, ‘I can’t miss that cover,’” Garcia continued. “And, sure enough, I missed that cover because I was having a baby.”


Garcia’s second son, Alexander David, was born on the day after Thanksgiving. “I was working right up to the delivery of the baby,” she said. “I got the Hearst maternity leave, but I came back early to go to the New York shows,” said Garcia, 45. She said it was only the second time in her career that she missed the shows in Europe — the first time was for the birth of her first son, Lucas, who turns four later this month.


Asked if she was fascinated by the concept of the movie, the idea of life on drugs, Garcia said “yes, fascinated. I’m dying to see it actually.” And, as a mother, how does she feel about the growing role of psychotropic drugs in the lives of children? She laughed: “I don’t want to answer that.”

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