The September issue of Nylon will be the title's penultimate print edition.

Nylon magazine will shutter its print edition and become digital-only, WWD has learned. The magazine’s October issue will be its last in print. As a result of the closure, the print edition’s 12 person staff will be let go.

“As a result of the restructure, there will be about one dozen layoffs effective immediately. We would like to thank those employees for their dedication in keeping Nylon continuously ahead of the curve,” Marc Luzzatto, executive chairman of Nylon Media, said in an announcement. “As platforms emerge and change, our voice, content and brand keep getting stronger, as do our array of marketing solutions.”

The Nylon staff learned the news on Thursday afternoon.

As part of the shift to digital, Nylon will attempt to capitalize on its young female audience via video, an influencer program and an internal creative agency, Nylon Studios.

“Nylon Studios and its hypercreative team have a deep understanding of our Millennial and Gen Z audience, and creates highly impactful integrated campaigns for the industry’s most iconic brands,” said Jamie Elden, president and chief revenue officer of Nylon Media.

Rumors of the print edition’s demise have been floating around for years.

In 2014, Nylon Holdings Inc. was sold to the web site A year later, Nylon Guys was discontinued in print and became all-digital. Not long after, the magazine cut 13 staffers, including then-publisher Dana Fields. At the time, insiders predicted it wouldn’t be long until the title went digital-only.

In that way, the title exceeded expectations.

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