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THE ANNUAL: Opening Ceremony is delving into digital with a newly launched app. Created in collaboration with the creative agency Gin Lane Media, the application complements the retailer’s newly launched annual magazine, Opening Ceremony Annual, and bears the same name. Rather than merely mirroring the print issue, the app offers original content, featuring seven different interactive stories using photography, film, audio and games from artists like Bruce Weber, Andrew Kuo, Poppy de Villeneuve, Tim Barber, Terence Koh and more, all of whom played off the sports theme of magazine’s 288-page first edition. “If you tell someone you’ve released an app it’s like, ‘oh great, another one,'” said Emmett Shine, Gin Lane’s co-founder and president. “But this one is different than almost any editorial application, in that each story is custom-created with a top artist to have unique content for this medium.”


The app, available via the iTunes store, boasts a “stacked” table of contents, as well as the ability to “push, pull, slide and grip” content, mimicking the tactile nature of a print magazine.