A look from Osklen

ON THE PHONE: Brazilian designer swimwear brand Osklen has partnered with Apple to shoot its latest spring campaign solely on an iPhone 6 plus, designer Oskar Metsavaht revealed to WWD. The campaign marks the first time Apple has partnered with a global fashion brand to photograph and film a collection, according to the firm’s fashion marketing assistant Anna del Mar.

Rather than using physical models, Osklen will use 20 iPad Pros to unveil the collection featuring 25 looks. It will be unveiled in its new flagship in São Paulo’s Vila Madalena quarter on Tuesday as part of São Paulo Fashion Week.

Metsavhat said the partnership enables “two global contemporary brands to work and innovate together.”

By shooting with his iPhone 6, “I can get closer to my audience, show my style point of view,” Metsavaht said, adding that he uses his iPhone to create his collections, to come up with elements, colors and textures. “I love fashion photography and use the iPhone in my work. It’s such an intimate, everyday-life instrument.”

Apple could not be reached for comment.

Brazil’s stinging recession is hurting Osklen, Mesavaht said, adding that the label, owned by textiles giant Alpargatas, will close 10 stores this year to leave its count at 60 stand-alone units in the country. “It’s much harder [to do business] but I believe we have a strong proposal and the real has fallen, making our exports more competitive and allowing us to have better prices.”

A look from Osklen

A look from Osklen  Courtesy Photo


Metsavhat declined to provide an earnings forecast for Osklen, where earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization fell 50 percent in the first half of 2015, according to an Alpargatas statement.

Despite the recession, Osklen’s U.S. expansion remains on track with the firm hunting for ideal New York and L.A. locations to open flagships. The sustainable fashion brand recently opened a New York showroom, said Metsavaht, adding that it will launch a special collection of Brazilian fish-skin bags, footwear and accessories in June.