Maria Augusta Virtuoso captured in Pandora campaign

GET REAL: Candid shots of women from around the world enjoying everyday moments. That was the brief for Pandora’s latest campaign, based, according to a statement, on a concept triggered by a global research study that found 80 percent of women are inspired by “photography which celebrates life’s everyday triumphs.”

The Danish jewelry brand tapped three female photographers to shoot the series, titled “Do See the Wonderful,” which launches today on the brand’s web site and social channels, as well as in its stores worldwide, timed with the launch of its fall collection.

They are Europe-based Sandra Semburg, Australia-based documentary photographer Liz Sunshine and Brooklyn-based Meredith Jenks.

Rupa Bodhandi Maddi Nash Pandora campaign

Rupa Bodhandi and Maddi Nash captured in Pandora campaign celebrating life’s everyday triumphs.  Sandra Semburg

Capturing women around the world at work or out and about doing regular activities like listening to music or jogging, the globetrotting series shows New York-based set stylist and production designer Lena Bedoyan working in her art studio; São Paulo-based psychologist Sueli Moreira gardening and reading; Berlin-based Lea Braskamp and Ellen Panescu baking a cake with friends, and Sydney-based yoga teacher Devon McKeller surfing.

A spin-off social media campaign invites women to take up the so-called #DoSeeTheWonderful challenge by capturing “precious everyday moments” and sharing them via the hashtag #DoSeeTheWonderful, tagging @theofficialpandora.

According to a survey conducted by the brand in June based on more than 7,000 interviews with women in the 18 to 50 age bracket from across three continents where the brand has a retail presence, 80 percent of women across the world are inspired by photography which celebrates life’s everyday triumphs; 52 percent of women are inspired by other women celebrating everyday triumphs on social media, and 53 percent of women find photographs of selfies uninspiring.

Rachel Leung captured in Pandora campaign

Rachel Leung captured in Pandora campaign celebrating life’s everyday triumphs.  Liz Sunshine

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