Four free shirts helped Pepe Jeans lead the fashion pack in new Facebook likes last month, according to the latest rankings from digital marketing firm Stylophane.

Pepe garnered an additional 396,862 thumbs up for January, giving the brand a total of 2.3 million likes on the social media platform, an increase of 20.8 percent from December.

The boost came, in part, from a post on Jan. 27 that offered people a chance to win one of four free shirts if they explained why they were “Pepe Jeans’ best fan.” A total of 19,161 people have liked the post, which includes a video thanking the brand’s fans.

But all likes are not the same online.

While Pepe scored top marks for new likes, the brand has an engagement score of 2.75, according to Stylophane. That pales in comparison with Chanel, for instance, which scored third on the new like list, with 343,458 thumbs up, and had an engagement score of 43.15.

“I’ve never seen Pepe up there, they’ve never cracked the top 10, so whatever they did was really fantastic,” said Alex Mendoza, partner at Stylophane.

“The brands with a good social strategy will consistently stay high in their position [in the Facebook like rankings] and that is because they’re constantly pushing that particular social channel; they have a plan,” he said.

The rankings raise the question of just how important signs of engagement, such as likes and fans, really are.

“It depends on how they got their fans,” Mendoza said. “Many of these companies are spending money advertising to drive traffic to their site on Facebook.”

Other brands have drawn large followings by having strong advocates, consumers who tout brands to their friends. Those types of followings are seen as more valuable to brands.

Nike scored two spots in the top five of Stylophane’s ranking of new likes last month: Nike Football was second with 383,430 new likes and Nike was fourth with 289,111. Victoria’s Secret came in fifth with 288,378. Nike Football had an engagement score of 6.70, while Nike’s was 16.01 and Victoria’s Secret was 5.07.

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