A photo from "Outside In."

MILAN — The streets of Milan will get an extra dose of fashion in September when Rankin stages an open-air exhibition of his latest work during Milan Fashion Week.

Called “Outside In,” the exhibit will kick off on September 21 on Via Montenapoleone in Milan, and will be open to the public. Playing off the idea of taking the “inside out,” Rankin will showcase his signature playful sense of humor in the exhibit’s conception. It will include a series of portraits of models inside white boxes, which will line the street. The effect will create an “illusion” or trompe l’oeil, aided by the fact that each model is photographed from a different perspective. The models, too, will convey a different emotion meant to display internal feelings shown on the outside — hence the exhibit’s name.

“[There are] no ticket prices, no queues, no being cut off from the world,” Rankin said. “It’s there for everyone to access, 24 hours a day, from shoppers and tourists during the day to party people at night, to the stragglers and the last ones standing at dawn. It’s going to be purely subjective. Worlds within worlds within worlds.”

“Outside In” is promoted by the Montenapoleone Association, which represents 140 Global Luxury Brands.

“It’s really an honor to host the famous photographer Rankin with a work created expressly for us,” said Association president Guglielmo Miani. “We celebrate fashion and continue to promote cultural initiatives which have the advantage of bringing the art of photography in the heart of the city.”

The exhibit will run for the duration of Milan Fashion Week, and it is sponsored by Audi. In order to fete fashion week, Campari is also working with the Montenapoleone Association to create “Campari Fashion Avenue.” On September 26, Campari will turn Via Montenapoleone red, and the shops will open their doors and offer aperitifs from 7:30 to 11:00 p.m.