PILAR’S PILLOW TALK: It’s a rare thing to see an editor in chief of a major magazine clad in pajamas bouncing on a bed, but these are strange times in the media world.

As video continues to be an important medium to drive revenue and attract young viewers, editors are called on to appear on camera and reveal a different side of their persona.

Condé Nast Traveler’s Pilar Guzmán is the latest editor in chief to make her on-camera debut in a new video series called “Pillow Talk with Pilar Guzmán.”

Produced by the team at Traveler, not Condé Nast Entertainment, the series features Guzmán in her pj’s chatting with a pj’s-clad guest in an upscale hotel room. The videos, which run about three minutes, show the lighter side of the sharp, thoughtful editor, who took the helm of Traveler in 2014, after holding the top editorial jobs at Martha Stewart Living and Cookie.

The first video, which debuts today, was shot in New York’s Caryle Hotel, and showcases Guzmán, wearing J. Crew navy pj’s with white piping interviewing Nate Berkus, who is clad in light blue Brooks Brothers sleepwear. The duo order room service — chicken fingers, fries, mac and cheese, shrimp cocktail and white wine — jump in tandem on the bed and later head down to Café Carlyle (still in pj’s) only to find Tony Danza rehearsing for a live performance. They dance in slippers (of course) while the former star of “Taxi” and “Who’s the Boss?” croons and tap dances, while a man plays piano.

When reached by phone, Guzmán seemed tickled by the experience, noting: “We were trying to find a way to bring the idea to life that hotels have these personalities and stories, and that people inhabit these personalities.”

The idea for the series, in part, is to chip away at the high-end and sometimes unattainable feeling of The Gold List, the glossy’s grouping of the best hotels in the world.

“We only film in storied hotels,” the editor said. “Our brand has always been known for setting the standard for luxury, but there’s this more playful side of travel. It’s about lifestyle, fun and laughing, and getting outside of your normal routine.”

In that spirit, Guzmán said she enjoyed being in front of the camera, and that it felt “natural” to her, having grown up in a show business family. (Her mother, actress and singer Anna Maria Alberghetti, makes a cameo in the second episode).

That episode, which debuts in mid-December, features hotelier Jeff Klein, and was filmed in The Sunset Tower in Los Angeles. The choice of hotels are not related to advertiser support, although the Carlyle is an advertiser, the editor said, noting that the plan is to film in different cities across the globe.

When asked if viewers can expect more bed jumping from Guzmán, the editor deadpanned: “It depends whether my bedmate is up for it.”

“Pillow Talk” can be viewed on YouTube, CNTraveler.com and TheScene.com, Condé Nast Entertainment’s video portal.

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