Polyvore, the platform that lets users create and shop from collages of apparel and accessories, today introduces a men’s category.

The segment joins the site’s women’s, beauty and home decor sections, and was a top request from users, retailers and advertisers, according to chief executive officer Jess Lee.

The timing makes sense; men’s wear is one of the fastest-growing retail and e-commerce segments, Lee said, and the company gained resources when it was acquired by Yahoo last July.

Already, Lee said, 20 percent of Polyvore’s users are men; she also said that women have requested the ability to create “sets” of men’s clothing and accessories.

Polyvore lets users shop, create and discover new items, and the men’s segment will operate just as the other segments do. User can browse and “like” items, then receive notifications when those items go on sale, said Polyvore project manager Anna Iskikian.

The first men’s wear brands to be a part of the section are those that are already on the site — among them names like Macy’s, Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic, but Lee expects this number to grow as retailers add items to the offerings.

Speaking of Yahoo, which shared its quarterly earnings report with investors Tuesday, Lee wouldn’t say exactly what is in the works now that Polyvore is under the Yahoo umbrella. She did offer that the potential application of, for example, being able to shop a Polyvore “set” that was inspired by a Yahoo Style photo shoot was “a great observation.”

Mayer, for her part, said that Yahoo would continue to incorporate Polyvore into its verticals and that when users can create content, it increases engagement. Lee said that there was a “lot of great overlap” with the new men’s segment and Yahoo’s sports and finance verticals.