IN A FLASH: Rankin has teamed up with Walter Campbell, the writer of “Under the Skin” starring Scarlet Johansson, on a film for Coco de Mer.

The new campaign of the London-based lingerie label, titled “X,” shows a roller-coaster ride of images, from seemingly banal everyday moments to erotic flashes.

Campbell created the concept and Rankin put together a flurry of directors and photographers, including himself, Vicky Lawton, David Allain, Damien Fry and Joe Hunt, Trisha Ward and Bronwen Parker-Rhodes.

“I commissioned them all like for a magazine, and said, ‘You have one or two days to shoot,’” the British photographer and editor in chief of Hunger magazine explained after a screening on Monday at the indie theater La Pagode in Paris.

“The film is pushing the boundaries of what films can do. It’s not about selling, it’s about you being part of an experience,” Rankin said. “You can consume imagery very quickly now.”

“The core of the campaign is Coco de Mer’s real commitment to creating a more vital, more beautiful erotic landscape through which our audience can explore,” said Lucy Litwack, managing director of Coco de Mer.

The content of this two-minute, 36-second clip contains flashing imagery. “Someone told me after seeing it: ‘It’s like watching my life flash before my eyes.’ I said: ‘You must have had a great life!’” Rankin said.

The clip reads: “They say you think about sex every six seconds. We can help you think about sex even more.”

The erotic component translates in different ways. “The reference would be Helmut Newton…that strong woman in control. There is such a large amount of sexual imagery. I want to make sure it was done in a way I was comfortable with,” said Lawton.

The film is set for screening in London on May 18, ahead of the release of the campaign online, in stores and potentially in theaters on May 19.

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