Jake Gyllenhaal for DuJour.

Jake Gyllenhaal may be an A-list actor, but in terms of publicity, he stays more or less under the radar when it comes to fronting magazines.

But the actor will be on the cover of DuJour’s Winter issue, which hits newsstands this week, in a shoot by Juergen Teller. Gyllenhaal, who stars in Tom Ford’s “Nocturnal Animals,” out in December, is what Fiona Murray, DuJour’s newly minted editor in chief, calls a “reluctant cover star.”

Murray, who was named to the top job in June, said Gyllenhaal is exactly the sort of elusive subject she hopes to court in upcoming issues.

“I hadn’t worked with Jake before. He was always on my radar,” the editor said. “I chased him down.”

Jake Gyllenhaal's DuJour cover

Jake Gyllenhaal’s DuJour cover 

The issue, which marks Murray’s first at DuJour, includes an interview of the actor by Mike Albo in Teller’s London studio earlier this month. Images from the cover story were shot while Albo interviewed Gyllenhaal on a variety of topics, including his work with Ford who wrote and directed the film.

Ford’s dramatic film traces the broken relationship between Gyllenhaal’s character and his wife, played by Amy Adams.

The actor told Albo that he jumped at the opportunity to work on Ford’s dark, suspenseful film, offering: “I found sadness in the fact that everything was about aesthetics in this world. I was living in a space where I was like, ‘Where is the truth here?’ I walked through it like that the whole time — and I think that’s where Tom wanted me to be.”

Gyllenhaal riffed more on his relationship with Ford, a notorious perfectionist.

“He was together, commanding. But he was very vulnerable, as much as Tom Ford can be,” he said. The actor recalled a telling off-camera moment while filming a scene where his character was to be seated at an untidy desk. On set, the desk in question was perfectly neat, prompting Gyllenhaal to push the point with Ford. “It says [in the script] it’s really messy. Tom’s like, ‘Well, you mess it up, I don’t know how.’ His own struggle with aesthetics [was], could he, as Tom Ford, let go of being organized?”

Aside from the cover story, the Winter issue of the glossy includes a portfolio shot by Geordie Wood on Oscar-contending actors, such as Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, Joel Edgerton and Trevante Rhodes.

Murray said moving forward, she hopes to “elevate” DuJour in the luxury magazine space.

“There’s such a glut of luxury magazines,” she said. “I want to get great reads in there [DuJour]. I want it to be a little more irreverent. You have such little time to crack open a magazine. I know my attention span is shot thanks to the Internet. I want to get personalities in there that you don’t hear a lot from…telling interesting stories.”

In order to accomplish that, Murray hired Anthony Rotunno as features director, and hopes to bring on Nathalie Kirsheh, a former design director from Details, who worked on the issue, as creative director full time.

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