Reuters is offering a portion of its multimedia content for free to online publishers, the company said Tuesday.

Through its platform Reuters Media Express, the wire service will allow publishers to download a selection of “ready-to-publish,” content produced by its journalists. Content includes text, photos, video and other multimedia packages. The company said the move would allow users to search and view content without registration, and only require a log-in to download content from the Media Express site.

“We are committed to innovating so that even more digital publishers and bloggers can take advantage of Reuters’ high-quality, relevant multimedia content to engage their audiences,” said Steven Schwartz, global managing director. “As the industry transforms we are willing to disrupt traditional approaches to gain insights and help news publishing flourish, while also growing our reach and our business.”

The move may also be in response to rival Getty Images, which has a stake in the photography space. Reuters said it plans to continue expanding its offering to “address the needs of the digital ecosystem.” Prior launches have included Reuters’ live service for digital publishers called Reuters Live Online, as well as its Content Solutions business, a native advertising unit.