POST TIME: Without question The Washington Post could be considered a second home for Robin Givhan, who will return there on a full-time basis as fashion critic and writer in early June. The Pulitzer Prize-winning scribe first joined the daily in 1995 working in Washington for nearly four years, and then in New York until her exit at the end of 2010. While her first go-round allowed her to develop her own beat and really find her voice, this next one will be more of a work in progress. “There’s that cliché, ‘You can never go home again.’ The Post has changed significantly and I’ve changed as a journalist. There is an aspect of the unknown which makes it exciting,” Givhan said Wednesday.

Having freelanced for The Post for the past year or so, Givhan said there were two kinds of conversations about her potential return — the we-would-really-love-to-have-you ones and the but-what-would-you-do ones. Looking to carve out a new voice for fashion at the Post from a digital perspective, Givhan said her memo highlighted how that might best be done with videos, podcasts, galleries, verticals and other Web-friendly ideas. “At this point, I have no idea which ones will be realized and which will float off to the land of bad ideas.”

She will report to executive features editor Liz Seymour and will flush ideas out with features editor Rachel Dry. Givhan will continue to live in Washington.

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