A still from the Mango video shoot with Rossy de Palma

CURVES AHEAD: Spanish high-street chain Mango is celebrating curvy women with a video promoting its plus-size Violeta by Mango range. It features four famous women, including actress Rossy de Palma and model Alessandra García, discussing body image issues.

The short film is being launched alongside a social media campaign that encourages customers unable to find their size in fashion stores to post about it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #WeAreVioleta. Each week, entrants will have the opportunity to win a total look from Violeta by Mango.

The initiative reflects a growing focus on the plus-size market from high-street retailers, although efforts to court this underserved market have sometimes run into criticism.

Rival H&M chose plus-size model Ashley Graham as the face of its H&M Studio fall collection, but was panned for making larger sizes available online only. The Swedish fast-fashion chain also came under fire after a U.S. size-10 shopper posted an image on Instagram showing her struggle to fit into its size 12 jeans.

Palma, who has appeared in catwalk shows for French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, is shown in the Mango video whipping off her pajama pants and joking they would make an excellent turban. “Everything is attitude, darling,” the muse of Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar drawls.

In addition to her native Spanish, the actress tries her hand at other languages to spread the message of diversity. “We must celebrate the difference. Together we can make the change,” she proclaims in Russian at one point.

García recalled her struggles growing up. “I remember a time when I was younger, and my mom found me crying in the dressing room because I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find something to wear, and I think from that point on, I sort of was, like, ‘I’m not going to let fashion dictate how I feel about myself,’” she said.

“There is no beauty standard now, you know. You can kind of just be who you are,” the daughter of actor Andy García added. Spanish model Lorena Durán and television presenter Tania Llasera chimed in with similar thoughts.

Llasera will also appear in a series of videos on mango.com throughout the fall season in which she will offer styling tips and advice. Launched in 2014, Violeta by Mango offers garments up to a U.S. size 22. Its main markets are Spain, France and Russia.