Claire Foy on T&C's October cover.

Renowned food editor Ruth Reichl is joining Town & Country as contributing editor.

Her column, “Heirloom Varieties,” debuts in the Hearst-owned glossy’s October issue, which hits newsstands on Sept. 19. The column, which will run in T&C’s “Out & About” section, will be about a food item that Reichl “worships,” according to the magazine. In her debut column, Reichl writes about Oregon’s Rogue River Valley “Rogue River Blue Cheese,” in which she interviews the firm’s cheesemaker David Gremmels.

“So many of us at Town & Country have been proud members of the Ruth fan club for years,” said T&C editor in chief Stellene Volandes. “We followed her in print, in her books and on her one-of-a-kind Twitter feed. As we sat through dinner party and water cooler conversations where our readers discussed which farm stand had the best donut peach as passionately as they would talk about their quest for a Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline or the next great Greek island, we knew that Ruth would be the perfect person to chronicle this search. As is always the standard at T&C, the basis of her column is quality. It will be about the best blue cheese on the planet, the best panettone on earth, the best copper pot. And the best, as we all know, is not about price tag — it’s about great taste in all its forms.”

According to T&C, Reichl was brought in because the staff wanted to offer its readers a viewpoint from someone who could express that “wonderful food is a true luxury and something that enhances one’s life and imbues it with joy and wonder.”

Reichl, who began her food writing career in 1972, offered: “Luxury, to me, is a perfect peach. Or some forgotten flavor that’s been resurrected. I’ve spent much of my life looking for life-changing foods that are so delicious they make you grateful to be alive. Now I’m happy to be able to introduce my favorite foods to the readers of T&C, a distinguished audience with a great appreciation for quality.”