ART CLASS: Art and fashion have always been close bedfellows. Now, the latest example, a partnership between W magazine and Saks Fifth Avenue, underscores that cozy relationship.

W: Art, an 88-page special section with stories about artists and original art created for the issue, will be polybagged for subscribers with the June/July issue of W. Saks is the primary sponsor of the stand alone issue. In the past, W has published entire magazines devoted to art. This time, the publication found a single sponsor to subsidize the project. It’s a strategy editor in chief Stefano Tonchi has used before. Louis Vuitton in May was the sole sponsor of a special issue guest-edited by Sofia Coppola.

W: Art’s cover story by Lynn Hirschberg is about Pharrell Williams. Five artists, including Urs Fischer, Alex Katz, Rob Pruitt, Mr. and JR, interpreted the songwriter, performer, producer and designer and attempted to “pin down the genius of Pharrell Williams.” For example, there’s Fischer’s photoshopped image of Williams with a giant screw wrapped around his head. Fischer photographed Williams in Los Angeles, blew up and made a cutout of the image and then shot women carrying around various sizes of Williams cutouts.

“Our customers appreciate art and understand the importance of art’s influence in fashion,” said Marigay McKee, president of Saks Fifth Avenue. “This [project] was a great way to exemplify Saks Fifth Avenue’s majestic and grander-than-life approach to art and fashion.” As the retail partner of W: Art, Saks created an advertising campaign featuring accessories photographed to look like monumental outsize versions of themselves. The campaign is called “Magnified: Magnifique.” Each of the 16 ad pages shows a close up of the season’s most sought after shoe, handbag and jewelry from brands such as Dior, Bulgari, Prada Alexander McQueen and Christian Lacroix, blown up to exaggerated proportions.

“Magnified: Magnifique” will be replicated in the windows of the Saks’ New York flagship from May 5 through May 14.

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