DOVETAIL: This week’s issue of Elle France’s edition has a cover featuring an illustration of a white dove holding a green pencil in its beak done by Soledad Bravi (known as Soledad). “Je Suis Charlie” appears in the upper right-hand corner, slightly overlapping the Elle logo. The issue has a section paying homage to the victims of last week’s terrorist acts in Paris, with contributions from Isabelle Adjani, Isabelle Huppert and Emmanuelle Béart.


“It is the first time that there is a drawing on the cover that isn’t a fashion sketch like it used to be in the first issues of Elle,” Elle editorial director Françoise-Marie Santucci told WWD.


“I was first thinking of putting a photo of the rally,” Santucci continued. “Elle’s DNA is to bring hope. Beyond the tragic events, this cover shows a certain form of lightness. ‘Lightness in gravity,’ as  [Elle founder] Hélène Gordon-Lazareff put it.’”


The issue was closed later than usual and publication date was advanced to Wednesday from Friday its traditional publication date. “We showed we can do it,” she said.


Keira Knightley fronts the cover of next week’s issue, due to hit newsstands on Friday. “On it, she is beaming and solar. That’s an energetic cover that aims to reflects an new energy in France,” Santucci said. Inside, 10 pages are dedicated to France in the aftermath of the attacks. There are contributions from sociologists, politicians and education experts. “We the media have a responsibility to step back, to bring reflection and clarity,” she said.


The terror attacks boosted sales of French papers. On Thursday, Jan. 8, the day after the attack that left 12 dead at the Paris-based satirical magazine, national daily press saw its sales increase to 1 million from 600,000, according to the Association of National Daily Press.

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