SAY YES: Giorgio Armani is giving women around the globe a platform for an open dialogue with the launch of the “Si Women’s Circle,” which is directly related to Armani’s “Si” fragrance.

The digital project focuses on high-profile women who have said “Si” to their aspirations and passions and share their experiences with readers. Cate Blanchett, two-time Academy Award winner and face of the Si fragrance, launched the campaign with a video, which was shared across Giorgio Armani Beauty’s social media channels on Wednesday.

“It’s sometimes very difficult to say ‘yes’ to things, but if you push through the doubt there will be a little door that opens up to something new,” Blanchett says in the video. “The women that I admire, that I yearn to be like have a positive spirit, a sense of adventure. And the thing that I greatly admire about Mr. Armani is his love for women like that.”

Blanchett’s video was accompanied by the release of three more featuring Brazilian chef Helena Rizzo, voted best Female chef in 2014; Kee-Yoon Kim, a lawyer turned comedian, and Chinese pianist Yuja Wang. Two more videos are set to be released by the end of the month and will include Charlotte Ranson, a dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet, and entrepreneur Cecile Schmollgruber, founder of Stereolabs, a company that develops 3-D solutions for the film business.