SCHUMAN’S PEEVES: Good old print magazines keep getting the shaft these days. Even in their own pages. “It shocks me when young kids still say, ‘I want to do a magazine,’” Scott Schuman said, in the June issue of GQ. “Really? Do you want to do a magazine because you want to be an editor — what you think that life is, that romance — or do you want to communicate? Because if you want to communicate, why the f–k would you put all those obstacles in your path and have to print pages, as opposed to going right on the Internet and actually communicating?”

The Sartorialist founder goes on to discuss other issues, including his complicated relationship with Dolce & Gabbana. The brand seated him front row along with Garance Doré, Tommy Ton and Bryanboy, at a D&G spring runway show in 2009. At the time, the decision to move print editors from the front row for bloggers was news and represented a “paradigm-shift moment” for fashion journalism.

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To be fair, it was an over-the-top stunt that rightly humiliated Schuman (the bloggers were given laptops on little podiums), but it appears he’s still not over it. “They got a humongous amount of press,” Schuman said. “‘Look, we brought the bloggers in and gave them the front row. Look at the dancing-monkey bloggers!’ I could barely bring myself to sit down.” He adds, “Like, ‘Ugh, I don’t want everyone looking at us.’ Like, ‘Oh, look at the cute bloggers! Isn’t that cute! Are they playing Angry Birds?’ When you’ve got Ron Frasch behind you going, ‘I spent two f–king million dollars on D&G’s last collection, and I’m sitting here? For these little schmucks?’”

Speaking of Frasch, Saks Inc. president and chief merchandising officer, Schuman has a bone to pick. They were introduced at a party years ago, while Schuman was a stay-at-home dad. “He’s looking right over my head,” Schuman recalls, “and I remember thinking, I’m gonna make this f–king blog so he looks at me when I’m talking to him.” It appears the two men have a more cordial relationship now. In front of the GQ reporter, this exchange takes place:

“Hey, Ron.”

“Hey, Scott,” said Ron, politely but without slowing down.

“Happy New Year, buddy,” Schuman said.

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