Selena Gomez in Louis Vuitton at the Met Gala.

Selena Gomez has earned a new title for herself on Instagram — and it’s also a win for one of the companies paying her to appear in an advertisement. The singer recently posted a photo from her Coca-Cola campaign that features her holding a soda bottle with lyrics from one of her songs, alongside her caption “when your lyrics are on the bottle.” The photo has garnered 4.1 million likes since it was posted — making it the most-liked photo on all of Instagram.

Gomez’s “likes” surpassed those for a photo posted by Justin Bieber in March. To rub further salt into the wound, Bieber’s photo was an image of him and Gomez from when they were romantically linked.

Gomez has 89.3 million followers on the social platform — less than a million followers shy of Katy Perry’s Twitter follower count. Perry was determined to have the most-followed account on Twitter earlier this month. In contrast, Perry clocks in with 52.1 million followers on Instagram.

Gomez will soon head to Southeast Asia to continue her 110-show Revival Tour, which began in May and runs through December. Her tour has so far featured costumes custom designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Monse, Rodarte, Vionnet and Sonia Rykiel. Fans of the singer can tap into her style through a 30-piece pop-up e-commerce site, which launched specifically for the tour and features a “Southern Californian” vibe.

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