Khloé Kardashian may be in for a surprise Tuesday when she finds out she’s kicking off Shape’s “body positive” campaign at the same time retailer Lane Bryant is launching a multimedia ad campaign with the title.

Shape decided to time Kardashian’s May cover reveal to the Lane Bryant campaign, but it didn’t inform her.

Sound familiar? Remember Glamour vs. Amy Schumer and the magazine’s “Plus Size” special issue that, perhaps not coincidentally, also was with Lane Bryant?

Shape told WWD that the situation is completely different. Last week, Glamour included an interview with Schumer in the issue without the comedian’s knowledge.

According to Shape editor in chief Elizabeth Goodman Artis, the magazine had been planning a body image campaign — dubbed “Love My Shape” — in which Kardashian said she’d participate via social media. Lane Bryant came calling to partner with the magazine, as part of the retailer’s own “This Body” campaign.

“We didn’t talk about it to her, about the [advertising] campaign per se,” admitted Artis. “I felt like the timing was right to put a bow around it. I had Khloé Kardashian coming up on the cover.”

Hopefully, for Shape’s sake, Kardashian will focus on the positive. As of late, she’s been flaunting her more svelte figure, appearing on Women’s Health’s September cover showing off what she called her “revenge body” after months of working out and clean eating.

Shape’s Lane Bryant deal is for digital advertising, as well as a sponsored video series and editorial content. There’s also a live event element: Lane Bryant is sponsoring Shape’s women’s half-marathon, which will take place in New York’s Central Park on Sunday.

Aside from the cover shoot and feature, Kardashian’s participation in the issue includes promoting Shape’s body positivity campaign via a #LoveMyShape hashtag, starting Wednesday. Lea Michele, Keke Palmer and Shay Mitchell will also participate.

Shape senior digital director Amanda Wolfe said the multiplatform campaign is central to the magazine’s message.

“We’ve been covering the body confidence movement since it began,” she said. “Over the last year now, we’ve been talking about how we can make it a bigger brand platform.”

Digitally, the health and fitness-inspired publication will roll out “more than 24 pieces of body-positive editorial content” through August. This will include trend reports, first-person stories, custom videos and user-generated photo galleries, Wolfe said.

There will also be a mentorship program with “Women Run the World,” noted Shape publisher Tim O’Connor, as well as a branding opportunity.

O’Connor, along with his team, has created a “Love My Shape” heart-shaped logo, which can be scanned in book and online via an app. The Love My Shape app allows users to link back to advertiser-sponsored content, editorial stories or to e-commerce stores.

O’Connor believes the logo can be licensed and used by other brands to promote the message of “body positivity.” The logo is currently donning sports bras and T-shirts, which Kardashian and other influencers will wear when they participate in the social media campaign.

“This is the beginning of what we hope is a long campaign…for both women and men,” O’Connor offered.

The 198-page May issue hits newsstands on April 19.