Not yet household names, one of these under-the-radar social media sites could turn out to be the next Facebook or Flickr. Six sites for WWD readers to know and watch in 2010.


A visual blog site, and the easiest way to see a stream of beautifully curated pictures from a mobile device. Early adopters are creative directors and artists. See the page of Brooklyn curiosity shop Erie Basin for retail inspiration.


OMG, it’s People magazine for Twitter. Now you can see what everyone famous is saying on Twitter in one place. Katy Perry on Tuesday: “Why did I just look at Snookie’s vajajay?” Kay Hanley: “So I smell like single malt and wet dog?”


Users create and share collages of fashion images they find online. The highly trafficked site gets 5 million unique visitors a month and has 900,000 members. Top trends last week were nautical, black-and-gold, Lanvin and Amy Adams.


This fashion community’s 85,000 members share photos of themselves wearing outfits they have styled. It gets 600,000 unique visitors a month, more than 5,000 comments a day, and is profitable with three employees. Advertisers and contest sponsors have included American Apparel, Target and Forever 21.


Crowd-source funding for a party, a documentary, a cookie company, art and other ideas. Successfully backed projects have included a line of handbags created from a hand-painted mural, a pilot for men about how to dress like a grown-up, and a knitting lounge at New York Fashion Week.


Location-based reviews, tips and social network for mobile phone users. Quickly discover new places recommended by friends when you’re nearby. Become “mayor” of your favorite haunts by checking in more than anyone.

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