The latest social media updates from the fashion world:


Shipley & Halmos joined Twitter. Welcome, @Ajeffandsamjam: A tweet from Sam and Jeff at Shipley & Halmos. Our first one, as a matter of fact. It’s actually kinda fun!


Brette Sandler also joined Twitter. Follow her @BikiniBrette

On the term “social medialite,” @BagSnob tweeted: That’s a stupid term. BTW- Medialite sounds like Pedialyte. Which is what I give my kid when he barfs. U need?

Harper’s Bazaar @david_boots: My gym in Provincetown is called “Mussel Beach” So cute, right?

We die for Rachel Zoe. We died for The Rachel Zoe Project. Now we’re dying to see Rachel Zoe’s brand. Dying never felt this good.


Now here’s an accomplishment: Adidas reached 3 million “likes.”

Lucky hosted a live editor chat at 1 p.m. today with editor at large/online shopping expert Elise Loehnen, who answered questions on Facebook until 2 p.m. Topics spanned the best places to get nude wedges for under $200, to what key pieces should a laid-back California girl would need upon moving to New York City, to flattering knee-length shorts. (Immediately following, marked editor Jenny Kang answered questions live on Twitter @LuckyMagazine from 2-3 p.m.)


Prabal Gurung blogged about his fellow CFDA Incubator neighbor, exotic handbag designer Sang A.

The snarky gals over at StyledOn poke fun at personal style bloggers with their aptly titled post, “Me Doing the Blogger Pose” – a solo photo of Casey Kettleson doing “the pose” (you know, knees facing inward, hair covering the face and hunched shoulders).



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