FASHION’S NEW MARKETPLACE: The newly launched Sense of Fashion wants to do for emerging designers what MySpace Music did for the music industry. The website is an independently run fashion marketplace where designers, business professionals and consumers can create trends, communicate with one another and sell and shop for clothing and accessories, according to co-ceo and founder Daria Shualy. She said that a main objective of the site is to serve as a launch pad – for both designers to showcase their talent and grow and for industry members and bloggers to expand their network and discover trends – but there’s also editorial content geared towards consumers as well. Since Sense of Fashion’s inception, hundreds of emerging designers have listed their products for sale in the online shop (most are in the very early, pre-wholesale stages of business), and while there’s no set-up or listing price, there is a small commission fee on items sold. “Anybody who has a passion for fashion has a place here. Even if you’re just a trendsetter and you manifest yourself through the way your dress, you’re welcome here,” Shualy said, adding that SOF is fast approaching 15,000 users, the majority from the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Israel.

The latest social media updates from the fashion world:


@MJInternational: our new windows are so gay! #gaypride

@henryholland: 7.30 am and off to the gym… Goddamn in-n-out burger!!

on the sartorial etiquette of summer interns: On a related note: intern judgement on appropriate office attire appears to be at an all-time low.

I can’t stop talking in a cockney accent

And on bringing pets into the workplace, it looks like Kelly Cutrone’s new pup Lola still needs to be housebroken. @AJMukamal: @LolaCutrone took a leak on my keyboard-a can of lysol later & that bitch is in the crate


Coach added a new Store Locator tab on their Facebook page.

Nanette Lepore’s Madison Avenue Girls Strike a Pose: Seeing the positive reaction LOFT received last week for posting photos of staff (read: real women) modeling the brand’s cargo pants, Nanette Lepore uploaded Facebook photos of staff from their Madison Avenue store in New York City Tuesday wearing looks from the spring collection. The designer’s “Vacationer Frock” in parrot blue, the “Streakin’ Rosie Tunic,” and the “Beach Front Cardi” paired with a black “Ghost Ship Skirt” were among the pieces modeled by the boutique’s sales team.


Salvatore Ferragamo announced the launch of an iPad case this summer. Ranging from $290 to $390, the cases are available in either all leather or a canvas style with brown leather trim. Now all we need to do is get an iPad.

After taking a short break from the blogosphere, Shipley & HalmosSam Shipley and Jeff Halmos’ have resumed blogging on Numerous Drawings, billed by the duo as: “Daily drawings using the same paper, same pencil, no erasers, no Photoshop, and some colored marker here and there…” (

The Bergdorf Boys Take Milan: Bergdorf Goodman’s Men’s Store started a rolling blog piece, The Note Pad, chronicling men’s fashion week in Milan. While Nickelson Wooster and the men’s buying team is scoping out the runways in Europe – they’re continually posting pictures from their travels, including photos of Brioni’s 65th Anniversary Party and Neiman Marcus president and ceo Burt Tansky modeling Tom Ford shades.

The LBD You Need This Summer:
A designer blog is one of the effective types of pr you can have these days. That said, Kimberly Taylor’s latest blog post on Girl in the Little Noir Dress will have you itching to head to her store in New York City’s Meatpacking District to buy the black strapless Sasha dress, whether you wear it with teetering stilettos or throw on some booties and a chambray shirt over it. And for those not blessed with an hourglass figure, the diamond paneled inserts will do wonders to enhance your waist.



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