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OscarPRGirl’s Top 10 Tweets: We’ve compiled a list of OscarPRGirl’s most memorable tweets to commemorate the brand’s foray into live-streaming, which took place today at 1 p.m.

“OscarPRGirl is a young professional woman who loves fashion and knows exactly what she wants. She is actually a lot like many of my customers. She also likes to gossip, which suits me fine.” -Oscar de la Renta to WWD on his brand’s Twitter personality.

1. The Bill Cunningham lookalike on my train really had me posing for a minute there.
2. This seating is tighter than me in a sample. (You must understand, it’s a 25 inch waist!)
3. it’s hard to trust a chick with fake nails.
4. a girl cant live on wheat thins alone…or can she?
5. wait…salt water taffy does not contain salt water? i feel like ive been living a lie
6. At least you have a proper rolodex – i save business cards in a juice glass
7. seating a show is like riding a bike – it comes back to you.
8. new title: global communications ice queen – just kidding.
9. I do appreciate the electronic handheld piano musician on seventh ave playing ‘rock with you’
10. Unfortunately I had to wear a black strappy heel home from bikram with a flared black yoga pant. Feeling very musical theatre.

It was also announced today (via Twitter, of course) that a limited edition iPad clutch – so limited that only 100 will be made –will be available exclusively on

The latest social media updates from the fashion world:


Prabal Gurung wants everyone to know that he plans to deviate from his usual t-shirt and jeans uniform for the CFDA Awards: Y’all I am excited for my look 2night Slightly out of the norm No white T n jeans.Dressed, fitted, styled by @damiennunes

@ jimshi809: I need an emergency oxygen facial & back massage b4 tonight’s @cfda awards. UGH

Blogger turned handbag designer for Coach @krystalsimpson: Uuughh yaaaaaa baby RT @tessbrokaw @krystalsimpson do you work for cingular? cause you’re raising my bar. BAMwhat.

@DknyPRGirl Gets a Key to the City: DKNY’s Twitter alter ego has become one of the most well-known and followed tweeters in the industry. Today, DKNYPRGirl chronicled her Key to the City scavenger hunt, live tweeting and posting tweet photos from Trinity Church, The Whitney Museum, The George Washington Bridge and Bryant Park. Created by artist Paul Ramirez Jonas in conjunction with nonprofit public art organization Creative Time, this citywide project aims to draw attention to community gardens, museums, front gates and any other unique spaces that highlight the city’s urban landscape.


Wrap it Up in Style with DVF’s Exotic Kindle Cover: Vivienne Tam has a “Butterfly Lovers” digital clutch and Oscar is releasing an iPad case, so it only seems appropriate that Diane von Furstenberg has come out with a snazzy black-and-silver zebra-printed Kindle cover. Featured as the DVF’s “Monday Must” on their Facebook page, the above Kallie Clutch could be yours for just $165. We wonder if you could ditch the Kindle and just rock it as a clutch?

H&M asks, “What is your favorite summer piece in your wardrobe?” and urges Facebook “likes” to create their own summer looks in the “Fashion Studio” section of the “Your H&M” tag.

Bergdorf Goodman
is only 20 “likes” away from reaching its goal of 40,000.


Geren Lockhart
of Geren Ford launched her designer blog Monday at The bicoastal designer is an avid traveler who plans to chronicle her adventures, as well as the art, architecture, music and books that interest her. During show seasons, Lockhart will also do behind-the-scenes blogging and call upon her creative friends to guest blog. Current posts cover such topics as tie-dyeing, artist Simryn Gill, her dog, Quinn, and a recent trip to Paris.

Alternative Apparel’s Social Media Campaign Targets Unsigned Artists:
The brand launched an Unsigned Artists Competition on their Web site Monday in an attempt to foster user-generated content, enhance social media presence and support untapped talent. To enter, aspiring singers and songwriters upload a cover of Aqualung’s “Brighter Than Sunshine” (licensed by Alternative Apparel) and encourage friends, family and the Alternative community to vote for their favorite renditions. Through Brickfish, a patented technology platform that allows brands to engage with their consumers, participants are able to share their music across the social Web – whether it is on their blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or through instant messaging. “Our platform allows participants to track in real time with our viral map technology,” Ashley Futak of Brickfish explained. “It kind of looks like a spider web — and every time someone shares something, we can track where they are sharing and how many people have viewed what they shared.” Calling all musicians-slash-models: through July 16, Alternative Apparel invites anyone who wants to exercise their artist within to send videos to unsignedartist for the chance to win $1,500 cash, star in an Alternative fashion campaign and gain insider access to music editors and industry insiders.

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