Tiffany & Co. iPhone App to Allow for Virtual Ring Shopping: Marriage minded men and the women they love, the time has come. Tiffany & Co.’s first iPhone application, The Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder, will be available on iTunes June 14 and is sure to spawn a new crop of tech-savvy, diamond ring, wedding obsessed women. Billed as especially useful for men, this new app makes it easy to research, browse (to scale in six different carat sizes) and save a virtual collection of your favorite engagement rings whether you’re at a bar with the bros, riding the Jitney or just enjoying Sunday brunch with the future in-laws. The application has five sections, which are Find Your Perfect Engagement Ring, Your Saved Rings, Find the Correct Ring Size, The Tiffany Difference and Expert Consultation. There’s also the option of sharing the engagement ring you plan to purchase for your better half — if you’re a dude — or that you must have — if you’re a chick — with your friends and loved ones through your preferred social medium (and if sharing the ring of your dreams on your Facebook wall and with your fellow tweeps isn’t your style, there’s always the option of using old-fashioned email). One can go dizzy browsing through the 44 different styles according to shape, setting, metal or design, which range from the classic 6-prong “Tiffany Setting” to princess, emerald and cushion cut rings with either diamond bands, side stones or even pave detailing. But it’s the custom ring sizer that takes personalization the next level. It puts an end to the age-old problem of men being clueless when it comes to ring size because the application literally allows you to take the ring off your finger (or snatch one of your girlfriend’s rings from her dresser) and place it right on to the screen to get an accurate ring size. Unfortunately, you’ll actually have to step foot inside a Tiffany & Co. to purchase an engagement ring.

The latest social media updates from the fashion world:


reached 55,000 followers.

@nicolerichie: My fake british accent is in full effect tonight!

@hintmag: Seriously? There’s a Full Figured Fashion Week?

@whitneyEVEport, the suspense is killing us too: I wonder if Olivia gets fired from Elle on tonight’s episode of #TheCity. Even I don’t know!

The industry was abuzz after last night’s CFDA Awards:
@dkny: My fave comment of the nite- Brooke Shields complimenting my dress. I say ‘old Donna’. She says: ‘There’s no such thing’ #SoTrue

@cmbenz: May or may not be stopping at the Donut Pub on the way home #cfda

@damiennunes: No joke its like abu dhabi in here

Dana Lorenz of @FENTONFALLON: home now buzzed aftr boom boom rm relaxing with my dachshund blitz Eating pickles emailing mom, thinking abt how amazing my life has become. Amazing indeed Jessica Stam, Rachel Weisz, Anne Slowey, Hilary Rhoda, Amanda Brooks and Mickey Boardman were just some of the attendees at the ceremony sporting CFDA Nominee Lorenz’s baubles.


Michael Kors posted this personal message on the brand’s Facebook wall (currently at 58,145 “likes”): “What an amazing night and to share it with my super talented staff, great friends and my two favorite blondes – my Mom and Gwyneth was like icing on the cake” xoxo Michael

Kate Spade posted the third installment of its four part “Summer Escapes” series on the “Video” tab of their Facebook profile and on the homepage of “Island Hop” is a minute-long video following the Kate Spade New York girl as she hops between a few of her favorite islands — Manhattan, Liberty Island and Staten Island — and encounters their summer collection along the way.


Designer Social
launched a new editorial feature today called Direct to Editor (D2E), where magazine editors will answer questions from the select readers of the blogs 10,000 followers. The first featured Regina Gardner of People StyleWatch, who answered such questions as what is your favorite part about your job, how did you first break into the business, do you have a favorite handbag and/or accessory designer and if you could only carry one handbag for all eternity what would it be? Tomorrow’s D2E: InStyle’s Sydne Bolden-Long.

Jezebel’s Dodai Stewart does some investigative reporting to find out the identity of the mystery heartthrob Elizabeth Kaye profiled/had an affair with that she wrote about in the June issue of Elle, which “is essentially a very long blind item.” Stewart details all the clues provided by Kaye, accompanied by a list of possible suspects, including Clint Eastwood, Warren Beatty, Charlie Sheen, Jeremy Irons, Rob Lowe, Kevin Costner — but all signs point to Richard Gere. We want to thank Dodai for looking into this matter, as trying to find out the actor in question’s identity has occupied our thoughts for days.



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