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WHITNEY PORT TALKS SOCIAL MEDIA: The belle of the reality TV ball Whitney Port’s become quite the avid blogger and tweeter. The reality star turned designer, who just wrapped up shooting the third season of MTV’s The City and plans to spend the remainder of the summer putting the finishing touches on her spring 2011 collection for Whitney Eve, sat down with WWD to discuss her active Twitter account and how she plans to integrate social media into her brand. In the meantime, make sure to get your last fix of Whit, Roxy, Erin, Olivia and the rest of The City gang on tomorrow night’s season finale (tear).

WWD: You’ve become an avid blogger/tweeter since the premiere of the third season of The City. Why did you take the plunge?

Whitney Port: I realized the power of networking and it was really important for me to be in touch with my audience and fans. I love being able to hear their feedback and share all the exciting stuff that I get to do day to day with them.

As someone in the public eye, why do you think social media is so important?

WP: Social media is so important because it’s the only opportunity you have to grow relationships with people who support you. It is so powerful to have direct and instant contact with those who both love you and hate you. It helps me grow as a designer, but moreover as a woman. All the people I can interact with online keep me in line.

WWD: How has it affected your daily life? You blog and tweet regularly, multiple times every single day. This must have some affect on your everyday life.

WP: I use Twitter to link back to my blog. I live life how I want to live it and then find quirky everyday occurrences, questions and thoughts to expound upon. I don’t tweet about everything  I’m not one of those people that feels I need to reveal all the insignificant details of my life. I actually don’t even have twitter on my phone! I tweet when I am at a computer. And good thing I have my younger sister, Paige, to help coordinate all of the updating. It has become a really fun hobby for us.

How do you plan to integrate social media into the Whitney Eve collection?

WP: In my initial design process I like to show everyone what I’m up to and get their opinions. The people who are checking my Twitter, blog, and Facebook are the ones who are eventually going to buy my clothes so it’s really important to me to hear their opinions.


WWD: What is your preferred social medium? Twitter? Facebook? Blogging? Foursquare, etc?

WP: My Twitter @whitneyeveport and my blog, I update them several times a day.

WWD: iPhone or BlackBerry?

WP: BlackBerry. However, I did just get an iPad which I’ve started tweeting from.

WWD: Can you tell us anything (we’re desperate) about tomorrow’s finale?

WP: I wish I could tell you everything but even I don’t know!! I watch the episodes on the day they air or sometimes even later.



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