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TIBI, NOW WITH E-COMMERCE AND BRANDED BLOG: After putting an active social-media strategy into play this year, Tibi took the next logical step and revamped its Web site, Formerly an online portal with bare-bones information, the company unveiled a new Web site Tuesday, complete with a clean and modern aesthetic, e-commerce with real-time “Tibi Fashion Experts” answering questions on sizing, fit and fabrics, and a blog. “We realize e-commerce is currently the fastest-growing portion of the fashion business. Retail outlets are essential but don’t have the ability to speak for the entire collection and overall image we’re trying to portray,” said founder Amy Smilovic. Tibi, which has seen success from recent Facebook contests and the personalized “Obsessions” posts penned by Smilovic, is expanding upon this with a branded blog that all employees will contribute to. The brand also made sure the site had Twitter and Facebook widgets that connect users with the social media outlet of their choice. And in terms of bolstering fans on the social-networking site, Tibi currently has more than 9,247 “likes” on Facebook, nearly quadruple the amount of fans it had on April 30, when it had 2,394.




The latest social media updates from the fashion world:


reached 20,000 followers.

: Is it bad that I miss little recession magazines? These Sept issues are too heavy to lug multiples in your bag.

@OscarPRGirl: a v cool chick noted my shoes 2day & said: do u walk to work in those? My reply: I take the subway, but yes. she said #wowyoureallyareadiva

@dkny: Pretty much eating for 6 today. If I keep this up I won’t fit on the runway.


Lilly Pulitzer reached 100,000 “likes.”

LOFT gave its 61,839 “likes” a tutorial in the art of wearing denim leggings, posting an album of snapshots featuring associates (read: real women) in head-to-toe looks they created based on their own personal styles.

In honor of Kate Spade New York’s Twirl fragrance launching next month, the brand designed a capsule collection of evening pieces. On Monday, its 56, 361 “likes” will get exclusive access to shop before the public.


Neiman Marcus unveiled its mobile site this week, accessible from any Web-enabled mobile device. In addition to the ability to purchase anything offered online, users can access their accounts to check on their order status.

Target’s Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular took place Wednesday evening, and those not fortunate enough to attend the festivities at The Standard hotel in New York were able to plant themselves in front of their computers for live streams on Target’s Facebook page and In the days preceding the event, Target posted related video content to its Facebook page, currently at 1,649,634 “likes,” and a live feed of recent Twitter posts with the hashtag #TGTspectacular (the brand has 31,593 followers). Generating buzz prior to the big night seemed to pay off, as there were over 10,000 visits to the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular Facebook application on the day of the event. And if you didn’t catch it live, you can watch the live-stream footage at

The Rachel Navsik Art Project contest kicked off today, with contestants scrambling to the FIT campus and the Parsons School of Fashion after receiving clues from the designer’s blog chronicling the project ( Navsik is giving out 100 blank tote bags today through Sunday, and she writes on the blog, “These totes are yours to design in any way you see fit. Take it apart, put it back together, embellish it… make it your own.” There is a single rule that contestants must abide by, though: all entries must incorporate at least one “Rachel Nasvik” in their completed design (which they can cut from the screen-printed tag that’s attached to their tote). The designer will select 13 winners, who’ll all receive a limited edition ‘Mandy’ mini bag from the fall collection. The contest culminates on August 31 with a gallery show at the Lower East Side’s TG170. The winning bags will be displayed, along with totes created by a host of creative types ranging from artists to skateboarders.



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