OSCAR DE LA RENTA WANTS TO KNOW IF YOUR MERENGUE IS CALIENTE: The designer’s charming social media personality, @OscarPRGirl, announced via Twitter this week that the brand is hosting a dance-off in honor of its Fashion’s Night Out festivities. Fans are encouraged to create short videos of themselves tearing up the dance floor and submit them to the address below, and lucky winners will receive tickets to the Evening of Merengue with Mikhail Baryshnikov (or Aleksandr Petrovsky, to all of you under 25) at Oscar de la Renta’s Madison Avenue boutique on Sept. 10. “I thought, how could I engage my followers and include them in the process and what we’re planning for Fashion’s Night Out, even though it’s a private event? How can I engage them and make it interesting to them?” OscarPRgirl told WWD. “Last week I tested the waters by tweeting and asking our followers if they knew how to dance merengue and the response was overwhelming. So I thought, OK yeah, maybe people will do it.” She also added that the brand opted to announce its FNO plans on Twitter rather than taking the traditional press release route, bestowing these wise words upon us: “Twitter is the new press release.” That said, along with Mr. de la Renta, the two will pour over the entries, but it’s the designer who will ultimately make the decision. And while OscarPRGirl readily admits that last year’s event might be a tough act to follow (after all, Mr. de la Renta did sing standards with Bette Midler, Barbara Walters and Sarah Jessica Parker), she’s confident that this year will be even better.

See OscarPRGirl’s succession of tweets below, which we combined for a more cohesive read:
With less than two weeks to go, the question is: where will you be for Fashion’s Night Out? At OdlR Madison, we will be dancing. Merengue, to be specific. (What else would you dance at Oscar de la Renta?) And we’ve invited a dancer that we admire to host. For the moment, suffice it to say that they have experience. The event is by invitation – (you do understand) – only because of the size of our store. But! Last week some of you mentioned you could work a two-step beat. So here is my proposition to you: If your merengue is caliente, send a video to FNO@odlr.com – I’ll see if I can’t get a couple of invites for my followers who can move. Perhaps I will ask Mr. de la Renta to pick. Ill firm up the details & come back to you. In the meantime, how about it? Shall we dance?

What are you waiting for? Bust a move and email it to FNO@odlr.com. Winners will be announced Wednesday, September 8.

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Congratulations to Jessica Chu, WWD’s official New York Fashion Week Tweeter and Social Studies apprentice. Welcome Jessica into the fashion social media fold and follow her @jessicachu.

@HELMUTLANG reached 2,000 followers.

Happy Birthday to our favorite Bravo reality star (besides @bethenny) and stylist, @rzrachelzoe!


Milly is giving its 6,836 “likes” the chance to win two tickets to its spring 2011 runway show September 15, go backstage and meet founder Michelle Smith, and receive a Milly gift package and hotel accommodations. Enter under the Milly Contest tab.


The latest brand to unveil a short film centered around its fall collection is the UK-based Reiss, which partnered with photographer and filmmaker Jamie Morgan on its first campaign. “Elements” went live on reissonline.com today.

A NEW KIND OF FLASH-SALE SITE? Joining what’s become the oversaturated market of flash-sale Web sites, newcomer The LOT NET bills itself as different from its competitors. Rather than offering retailers’ leftovers or last season’s merchandise, thelotnet.com, which officially launched August 24, offers private presales, new items from designers that are often not yet available in stores. “I think it’s super attractive to have a chance to get a deal on high fashion, trendy labels that you really want to wear right now,” founder Lauren Taylor Baker told WWD. “We are not a virtual sales rack with shoppers fighting online over what is left. We are ahead of the curve, not behind it. We changed the game and decided to do temporary discounts on current and pre-season items instead.”

Founders and Followers
is a new online retailer that allows the shopper to “immerse themselves into the creative worlds of the fashion designers” featured on the site through inspiration boards, interviews, behind-the-scenes photos, tours of their studios and workspaces and original editorial content. Foundersandfollowers.com is a mix of both established and indie talent  including Bodkin, Surface to Air, Gar-De and Diana Orving  with a focus on highlighting each designer’s creative process for consumers, according to co-founders’ Alicia Rodriguez and Aurelia Mikles. “Consumers are more educated about the products they buy and the processes behind their creation than ever before,” Rodriguez told WWD. “Allowing them to be as integrated as possible in the mechanics behind the fashion industry helps to further bridge the gap between the business and the customer and lets the individual feel more empowered regarding their purchasing decisions.”



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