LOS ANGELES — Sophia Amoruso mouthed “sorry” to an onlooker waiting for her as she obliged one more plea for a pose from a photographer.

The Nasty Gal founder, author and creator of the #Girlboss Radio podcast series was the guest of honor Wednesday evening at her company’s store on Melrose Avenue to toast Amoruso’s appearance on the cover of the Forbes June 21 edition, featuring the magazine’s list of America’s 60 richest self-made women.

Amoruso made her debut on the list at number 53 with a net worth of $280 million, ahead of Beyoncé Knowles and Taylor Swift.

“It feels really surreal,” Amoruso told WWD. “It’s really exciting for the team. I think that’s the coolest thing is that it’s a huge morale boost for the team. And for the girl who dropped out of community college, it’s kind of like a, ‘Maybe I can do this, too,’ and that’s been the response on social media and that’s so cool to witness and so that’s why I’m excited about it. Otherwise, it’s just a weird, narcissistic — you know, my mom’s proud. It’s nothing I ever thought would happen and I feel really lucky to be in the company of such incredible women.”

Another signpost that Amoruso has come a long way from Nasty Gal’s start as a one-person eBay operation is the upcoming Netflix comedy series based on her book “#Girlboss,” which begins at the start of the company when Amoruso was in her early 20s. Actress Britt Robertson, whose film credits last year included “Tomorrowland” and “The Longest Ride,” has been cast to play Amoruso.

The series, set to be released next year, is written by Kay Cannon — of “30 Rock,” “New Girl” and “Pitch Perfect” fame — and counts Charlize Theron as an executive producer.

Amoruso explained that the idea morphed out of the success of her book when she worked with talent and literary agency William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC, which assisted her with finding a publisher and then later connected her with Theron, who was looking for projects to produce.

“It’s pretty cool — another terrifying, cool thing that just seems surreal,” Amoruso mused of the series.

She described her role with the series as consulting executive producer, there to assist with wardrobe, music and other references. “Beyond that,” she said, “it’s just a bunch of really talented people doing this while I’m doing other stuff.”

That “other stuff” includes her podcast series #Girlboss Radio, which she’s found to be a gauge on what her followers are tapped into, as she thought aloud about how things have changed in the span of just a few years. “It’s so funny when the book came out, some [people] would say, ‘Oh, I like Nasty Gal. You do Nasty Gal? Oh, my God, I love your book.’ And now it’s like, ‘Oh, my God. I listen to your podcast’ and it’s funny just to hear through people’s feedback what they’re engaging with.”

In October, Amoruso’s second book “Nasty Galaxy,” which shares a name with the company’s blog, is due out.

“I really like making books,” Amoruso said. “It has a beginning and end. And, yes, it is one piece of media, but it feels like you can be really creative with it. It’s like a legacy piece that sits on shelves forever and it’s a little different than an archive of clothes.”

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