There’s been a relative quiet coming out of Nasty Gal headquarters in downtown Los Angeles since the March opening of its Santa Monica store.

But it’s within those offices, in a converted space next to founder Sophia Amoruso’s office, a former storage closet was converted into what’s now the recording studio for #GirlBoss Radio, a new weekly podcast in which Amoruso picks the brains of friends and other women she thinks have inspiring stories to tell.

“I just thought #GirlBoss should be a platform to tell the stories of not just mine — I’m just one person,” she said.

Her first guest was Charlize Theron, followed by comedian Grace Helbig. Up next is Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen global color ambassador. New shows are posted every Thursday.

“[These are] women who are kind of world class in their field who have made it in some way or another, whatever that means, but who have figured something out [and] who have an interesting story to share,” she said.

True to her D.I.Y. form, Amoruso started out with an armload of books on podcasting, hoping to teach herself the ropes of everything from what equipment to buy to how the whole process worked. But she found it to be overwhelming.

She was put in touch with Panoply, a podcast network owned by the Slate Group, and they lent the expertise she needed to get the show off the ground.

“They know what microphone to buy,” Amoruso said. “They provided the infrastructure to make me sound like I know what I’m doing.”

Interviewing — and being the one asking the questions as opposed to the one answering them — has been a learning process, she said.

“I’m lucky it’s not a live show. It’s not like there’s a bunch of crickets and downtime. There’s a natural conversation but I’m really kind of winging it and there’s a little bit of editing that happens, but not much,” she said. “But I genuinely am curious about the people [who] I’m talking to and hope I’m not asking too obvious questions.…I’m learning to extract advice from different women.”

It’s that natural curiosity that set her down the path to Nasty Gal. She taught herself the ropes of operating an eBay store selling vintage items before transforming that endeavor into what Nasty Gal is today. In the process, she made waves in the digital space with a brand that has a unique voice that stood out in a sea of retail sameness. The company then embarked into brick-and-mortar late last year and brought in Sheree Waterson to succeed Amoruso as chief executive officer.

But Amoruso’s hardly stepped into the background. She joined Marie Claire as a contributing editor this year and last month saw the release of a paperback version of her book “#GirlBoss.”

The endeavors into media are interesting moves for the entrepreneur who earlier this month mused on Twitter: “Is it cray to do a Kickstarter to launch Girlboss as a media site?”

She found the analysis and reaction outside of her followers a bit amusing, considering she sees the social media platform as an area to poll the people she wants to directly reach and pointed out that if one Googles her the assumption could be made that she has enough of her own money to funnel into new projects.

“If I could bankroll anything, I’d totally do it. I probably won’t do a Kickstarter,” she said. “It’s funny when you get to a point where you are kind of exploring an idea on Twitter and it becomes something you have to share a [public] statement about.”

For now, getting the #GirlBoss Radio show off the ground is at the forefront and there will be tweaks and additions to the programming as she gets more episodes under her belt, she said. That could include adding more segments or perhaps bringing on a sidekick and taking phone calls.

Propelling the #GirlBoss brand into something beyond the book and a full-fledged media company is something on her mind, she said, but there are no formal plans.

“I’m trying to figure that out. It’s a whole new world for me,” she said. “I would love to build something out of Girlboss. What it is, I’m not sure yet.”

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