Before a Q&A that included glimpses of her book “Two Turns From Zero,” SoulCycle’s senior master Stacey Griffith discussed her upcoming beauty venture. The cyclist turned to the Utah company SBbySG to develop a bath collection that will roll out next month. Soon whoever takes her classes — if they can manage to book a bike — will be able to decompress by buying Griffith’s spiritual bath products — a muscle soak, bath gel, bath oil and candles. Griffith test drove the concept with a thank-you gift to Oprah Winfrey for inviting the instructor on the 2014 “The Life You Want Tour.”

Stacey Griffith 

“I made her the very first spiritual bath kit with Brunello Cucinelli hand towels, a bath gel I created with a company called Mixture, Epsom salts, magnesium, caramels from a CBDG gift box, incense from India and holy water from the mission in Carmel [San Carlos Borroméo de Carmelo Mission]. And I pulled something from each of the eight cities we went to on the tour — salts from a local store in Seattle…,” Griffith said. “I handwrote a note to Oprah, saying, ‘Here’s how you do a spiritual bath.’ When she got this spiritual bath box, she was so moved, because what do you get for Oprah? I was so blessed to have done that tour with her and I knew she liked taking baths. She left me the sweetest message on my voicemail and I’ll save it forever.”

That road trip with Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert and others involved a 20-minute workout created by Griffith, SoulCycle and Angela Davis for a 15,000-person audience. “It was insane — so great,” she said. Intent on crafting more outdoor customized experiences as she did recently during Coachella, Griffith is planning a few for select American Express Platinum members. Griffith said she will lead an outdoor ride on the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum next month.

Later, while guests drank Bai mocktails and had a little lunch at the Norwood Club, author/cancer survivor/SoulCycle devotee Geralyn Lucas chatted with Griffith about adult onset athleticism, or AOA, a condition she coined from being a spin teacher since 1995. Citing Lucas and other formerly nonathletic types who have literally gone to the head of the indoor cycling class, Griffith said, “There’s a difference between someone who just teaches a class, plays the music and really tries to push you versus somebody who really tries to line up your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul, and cares about you as a deep-rooted individual and your athleticism. The AOA is going to go another level….I have sold-out classes for two and a half decades so obviously there is something going right. I feel like I have found a method, and it is not just in the room. It’s a way of life.”

So much so that Griffith said she has been developing a fitness-rooted talk show for nearly a year with Kelly Ripa’s — and her husband Mark Consuelo’s — company Milojo Productions. “It’s basically Ellen but fit Ellen,” she said, referring to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. With plans to get out more on the speaker circuit, Griffith said, “After touring with Oprah, you kind of get that taste for what it’s like to move thousands of people at once. I’d never been on a stage on front of 15,000 people, but that’s my comfort zone.”

A Milojo spokeswoman said Tuesday that the show was still in development and was unable to disclose more information.

Asked if her influence has played out as she intended, Griffith said earlier, “I always hoped I would change a lot of lives and this is why I wrote the book. I really wanted to get to more people. I can only get to 10,000 a year. I teach 900 classes a year. I can only reach 300 people a day based on my location and how many bikes are there. That’s the max. I want to take my inspiration out into the world.”

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