NOT SO FAST: Here we go again.

Some observers are wondering whether Anna Wintour’s name could surface again for the American Ambassadorship to France now that Marc Lasry appears to have flamed out. Lasry, the investment guru who raised millions for President Obama, was seen as having a lock on the job. But as reported in Friday’s New York Post, he’s now out of the running, apparently due to his affinity for poker.

Not so fast on Wintour stepping up, though.

Sources view the Vogue editor in chief, among early contenders for a plum diplomatic post for her fundraising efforts for Obama, as a long shot — given that she had her sights on London more than Paris, and that she recently was promoted to artistic director at publisher Condé Nast. Conde chief executive officer Charles Townsend said in an interview in March her new title was contingent on Wintour’s commitment to the company.

‘‘‘If you accept it, you can’t then come and tell me you’ve accepted at a later date a job as an ambassador,'” he said, at the time.

It is more likely Wintour will try her hand at being a political powerbroker (in the manner of a Pamela Harriman who after a long social career actually did end up as ambassador to France) while ensconced at 4 Times Square. Her newest hire, Hildy Kuryk, a former finance director at the Democratic National Committee with contacts to the party’s top political fundraisers, speaks to those plans. Vogue had no further comment. “Anna is very happy in her current role,” Kuryk said. 

Another perceived obstacle, the ability to speak French, is not really a prerequisite for the job, according to one diplomatic source. “They learn it when they get here,” the source noted.

Completed in 1855, the Hôtel de Pontalba in Paris is better known as the American Ambassador’s Residence: a sprawling, gilded mansion at 41 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré.

Under the current ambassador, Charles Rivkin, the residence has been the site of glitzy dinners for designers including Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren, along with shindigs for magazines including Vogue and Town & Country.


Wintour will be at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a guest of New Yorker editor David Remnick.