“Is there ever a time when you cannot care about fashion?” Stephen Colbert asked Anna Wintour last night, during his show on Comedy Central. “Do you ever just say to yourself ‘to hell with this,’ put on your zebra-striped sweat pants and go to Long John Silver’s and just lose yourself in a pile of battered fried shrimp?”


“Well, I haven’t done it recently but maybe now you’ve suggest it I should try,” joked Wintour.


Colbert playfully suggested they could go bobbing for French fries. She didn’t blink, as the crowd was ooing and awing. “Why not? Why not. It’s a date,” she said.


Wintour appeared on “The Colbert Report,” to promote the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new Costume Institute exhibition, “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations.”


After a few minutes of banter on whether fashion can be art, Colbert said, “Well, I don’t trust Prada. My understanding is the devil wears Prada. And this is a Christian nation madam!


“That movie was so last year,” Wintour said.


Colbert countered, “It was kind of five years ago.”

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