Stephen Gan with Lady Gaga

Harper’s Bazaar creative director Stephen Gan is moving over to Elle, where he will have the same role.   

“Stephen is a creative visionary. I’ve long admired his commitment to taking risks and thinking beyond the parameters of traditional design,” said Elle’s newly named editor in chief Nina Garcia. “He has an uncanny ability to predict who and what everyone will be talking about next and understands the intersection of pop culture and fashion in a way that speaks directly to the Elle woman. I look forward to the unexpected, exciting and creative energy he brings to every project.”

Gan’s mandate at Elle will be to bring in new photographers, stylists and other creatives in order to modernize and refresh the magazine’s look.

“I’ve been reading about Hélène Gordon Lazareff, the pioneering female journalist that started Elle in France in 1945. She was respected as a revered journalist and a visionary. Lazareff was one of the first editors to print color photography in fashion magazines, and she was an advocate of freedom, women’s liberation and she apparently was one of the first journalists to discover designers like Yves Saint Laurent,” said Gan.  “I am honored and excited to be given the chance, alongside Nina Garcia, to give Lazareff’s vision a modern spin through a redesign which will hopefully touch Elle’s massive global readership of young empowered women.”

 Gan has spent over 15 years as the creative director of Harper’s Bazaar. He is also the editor in chief of V Magazine, which he founded in 1999, and VMan, the men’s offshoot that launched in 2003. 

“Glenda Bailey gave me an incredible opportunity and challenge at Bazaar,” said Gan of the title’s editor in chief.  “Over the years I watched her and Carol Smith turn Harper’s Bazaar into a remarkable success story and I am energized to watch and be part of what’s ahead for Elle.”

Hearst has not yet named Gan’s successor at Bazaar.

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