SUMMER READING: Less than a year after Stephen King joined the 900-author open letter blasting Amazon’s since-rescinded boycott of Hachette authors, the Maine novelist has given locals first crack at signed copies of his new book “Finders Keepers.” King counted on one of his favorite book stores, Bridgton Books in Bridgton, Maine, to sell tickets for his July 12 book signing at The Magic Lantern Theatre up the road. Intent on attracting as many Mainers, the best-selling author saw to it that all 500 tickets for the event were sold strictly through Bridgton Books. Relying a good amount on word-of-mouth, owners Justin and Pam Ward needed only four days to sell every last one, many of which went to locals. In fact, tickets went at such a clip that King’s office were told there was no need to post the news on the author’s site.

The author has a busy summer ahead with his next page-turner “Drunken Fireworks” due out June 30. He is reportedly in talks with Warner Bros., CBS Films and Showtime to develop a miniseries for his book, “The Stand.” A film version of King’s “It” is said to be in the works at New Line and Sony and Media Rights Capital are retooling the author’s series “The Dark Tower” for film and for TV. As for whether there will be an open casting among Maine residents for any of those projects, King’s publicity team did not respond to requests for comment.