GLAMOUR SCHOOL: Glamour is turning to students for fresh ideas.

The magazine’s 15 international editions have launched a contest inviting students to reimagine the Glamour brand.

“‘The Future of Glamour’ is an exercise to enable Condé Nast International editions of Glamour to explore our future process of innovation…. Having students reimagine [the brand] is a way to foster innovation,” said Condé Nast International in a statement.

Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London and Sciences Po in Paris are among the participant schools whose students will hash out in what format — e-commerce or apps, for instance — the title could take in the future.

Students will be invited to deliver a 30-minute presentation, then masterminds of the winning pitch are to present their ideas in Paris to the 15 editor in chiefs attending Glamour’s annual editorial conference in March 2014.