Julia von Boehm

Who says fashion editors can’t have it all? Celebrity stylist, InStyle’s fashion director and independent brand consultant Julia von Boehm has launched her own lifestyle site.

Reached last week during an InStyle shoot in Los Angeles, von Boehm said, “The more you do, the more you know, the more you see, the more you can direct the knowledge to the right little outlet that you have. And that I really like. The more the better, I find, but as long as the quality doesn’t suffer. That’s a very important part. Quality is not supposed to suffer under how much you do. It’s supposed to actually benefit from it. That’s what I want.”

Beauty, travel, fashion and red carpet are main areas on the site. Von Boehm said she is not being paid by anyone to feature anything on her site. All in all, she saw no conflict of interest. “My lawyer is obviously aware of it [referring to the site.] I continue to style Nicole [Kidman], while I’m also working on InStyle. I find that much more modern to be honest because the more you do, the more you know. That’s how the world functions these days. It’s also about relationships with people. But I never saw that as a conflict of interest to be honest.”

Nor does InStyle’s parent company Meredith. A Meredith spokeswoman provided this comment from InStyle editor in chief Laura Brown, “Julia works on a number of freelance projects with my blessing. She has incredible taste and I wish her huge success with her new site.”

On-the-road for about 265 days of the year, the New York-based multitasker gleans all sorts of news-you-can-use from her travels. Instead of sharing recommendations casually in cars with editors, she decided to make it “a bit more official a web site.” Von Boehm said, “I kind of struggle with how much content is out there, not only in the fashion world, but everywhere. It just kind of bothered me how difficult it was to get to good, edited content. Basically, what I find is the world out there is not curated enough. The other side is that I always like to share new discoveries through my travels and my work with friends who have a similar lifestyle.”

More specific than run-of-the-mill travel tips, von Boehm will pinpoint specific hotel rooms to request and how to style specific clothing item. Visitors will also find such beauty tips as, “Where can I get an IV drip if I have a photo shoot the next day and I’m jet lagged?” she said. “There will be information about efficient ways to live your life.”

With two children who are seven and nine, child-friendly information will be sprinkled in from time to time. (Her former boss Carine Roitfeld is the godmother of one of her children.) Profiles of fashion types, who switched gears will also be in the mix. Flowerbx cofounder Whitney Bromberg, a former assistant to Tom Ford, will be featured this spring before her company’s U.S. debut.

There will be a link for shopping, but not through her site. She will not receive a percentage of any sales. “No, not for now, no.” As a consultant to Ermanno Scervino and other brands, von Boehm hasn’t rules out designing her own collection one day. “You never know. I do consult for brands which is like designing your own clothes. You tell people which T-shirt or skirt length to do, but you never know. Life is full of surprises.”

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