Swarovski Entertainment, the media arm of Swarovski, is launching into feature film production with plans to provide financing for several projects, including an epic by Indian director Shekhar Kapur (“Elizabeth”) that is due to start filming in November.


Swarovski Entertainment, which was created two years ago, will contribute an as-yet-undecided sum towards “Paani” (“Water”), a love story set in a future world divided in two by water scarcity, said Alexander Koll, director of media entertainment at Swarovski Entertainment. The movie will have a total budget of $30 million and will feature songs by “Slumdog Millionnaire” composer A.R. Rahman, Kapur announced at the Cannes film festival. Casting has yet to be finalized, but Khapur is hoping to secure an international line-up.


Swarovski Entertainment’s only production to date is “Passages,” a short film directed by Kapur that is screened at the company’s Crystal Worlds theme park in Wattens, Austria. Kroll revealed that Swarovski Entertainment is also developing a script for a fairytale fantasy that will mark French director Sylvain Chomet’s transition from animation to live action, after the Oscar-nominated “Les Triplettes de Belleville” and his upcoming release, “The Illusionist.”


The company is also involved in the development of a biopic focusing on a famous opera singer. Swarovski Entertainment is focusing on stories that are both uplifting and entertaining, said Koll, declining to disclose the division’s annual budget. “We choose carefully what kind of stories we attach ourselves to,” he explained. “We will stay away from genre movies like horror or things like that.”

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