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Rebecca Taylor’s Web site has a new look.

A fresh color palette of white, gray, black and pink, the ability to purchase electronic gift cards and a “real-time availability” function are among the offerings available on the site as of today, as well as a short, branded film, “Beautiful Dreamer,” which appears on the main landing page. “I wanted to keep the layout very clean so that the functionalities and navigation didn’t take away from the overall experience while looking at product,” said the designer.

The new features also include enhanced display mechanisms and store locator tools, the ability to see how many items are left in a shopper’s desired color and size, a “Women in Rebecca Taylor” press room that showcases editorial coverage and celebrity sightings (and guides consumers to the actual looks so they can purchase directly), and a virtual wish list — billed as “My Closet.” Twitter and Facebook, two social mediums where the Rebecca Taylor brand is already active, have a more prominent role on the site, too.


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