WESTWARD, HO!: The Communications Store, the British firm with a portfolio that ranges from public relations to brand strategy and talent management, is setting up shop in the U.S., with an office already operating in Manhattan, and one set to open in Los Angeles.

Founded 21 years ago, TCS is based out of London, and has long been working on an international level with many clients, including John Frieda, Primark beauty and Orlebar Brown. Principals said it was time to build a framework to suit the shape and scope of the business.

The U.S. move has also come in response to clients’ needs: “They wanted us to be there,” said Daniel Marks, partner and chief creative officer, adding that the relationship between p.r. companies and their brands has changed drastically since TCS was born, with labels viewing them as strategists rather than pure public relations providers.

The team is growing, too: TCS has named Stacie Henderson president of the U.S. operation. Henderson, who has worked in the past with Versace, Ferragamo and the retail district at The World Trade Center, said the goal is to “further the level of service” that TCS provides and offer “holistic and strategic” communication.

Other new members of the senior team include Meghan Wood, who has been named senior vice-president, fashion and beauty, and Ana Maria Calle, lifestyle director. Henderson and her team will work with Marks and Craig Wildman, chief financial officer, who remain based out of London.

Marks and Julietta Dexter, founder and chief executive officer of TCS, said the company, which remains independently owned, has always grown organically, and was already working fluidly across markets, from red carpet dressing in Los Angeles, to John Frieda campaigns in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The New York office is based out of Spring Studios at 6 St. Johns Lane, while the location of the L.A. office has yet to be announced.