THE GREAT REVEAL: Net-a-porter has revealed the logo of Porter, its first women’s print title set to make its debut in February. Designed by Robin Derrick for Spring Studios, Porter’s new creative director, the hand-drawn, bespoke logo features capital letters, an italicized, lowercase “e,” and the message “powered by Net-a-porter” inside the “o.”

“The branding for the logo was designed to make the magazine look like it had been on the shelf for 50 years,” said Derrick, “and the challenge was to make it look both classical and also capture the digital newness of the brand all at the same time. The capital-height lower case ‘e’ is given an italic emphasis to feminize the design, and is a subliminal wink towards the online functionality.”

This story first appeared in the December 10, 2013 issue of WWD. Subscribe Today.

The typeface, with its thick and thin elements and delicate hairline serifs, is reminiscent of those belonging to long-standing titles such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

Derrick, an industry veteran, is the former creative director of British Vogue and helped to redesign Glenda Bailey’s Harper’s Bazaar last year.

Lucy Yeomans, the magazine’s editor in chief, said: “Bringing a new magazine logo into the world is exciting. Robin and I wanted it to feel incredibly modern, while also resonating with a reader who has been in love with fashion magazines for years.”

She added that Porter is focusing on a “dynamic woman of the world who has an appreciation for tradition and heritage, yet also a passion for what the future holds.”

Porter will be published six times a year, and have a global distribution at newsstands and via subscription. Its 300 pages will be transactional via mobile phone and an app, while content is being produced by a dedicated staff.