AMERICANS IN PARIS: To mark its 125th birthday, the International Herald Tribune today ran an eight-page special report, which includes an article entitled “Through the Looking Glass,” by the paper’s fashion editor Suzy Menkes.

The IHT is The New York Times’ Paris-based global edition.

Fashion has always been an important component of the IHT’s lifestyle section, according to Alison Smale, the paper’s executive editor.

“James Gordon Bennett, the IHT’s founder very smartly understood that the Americans in the Belle Époque came to Paris to buy the art, buy and wear clothes, embrace a new lifestyle,” she explained. “The Americans who came here helped evolve [fashion]. They copied it but also injected it with new dynamism, particularly after World War II. Art Buchwald, Richard Avedon — all these people injected haute couture with something modern. I think there was huge dialogue between France and America, and that the IHT is very central to that conversation.”

Menkes, who took up her post at the paper in 1988, writes a weekly style page and contributes to T, The New York Time’s style magazine, which is also an IHT supplement.

“Suzy covers the collections like very few other people; she is very energetic!” Smale exclaimed.

In her article today, Menkes analyzes changes in style, how fashion has advanced over 125 years and where it might go by 2137. She cited, for instance, the digital revolution “and the opportunities it brings for fabric invention, for laser cutting and for three-dimensional prints, as in the collections of the London designer Mary Katrantzou or the Peter Pilotto duo.”

The paper, whose circulation last year was 226,267, is hosting a panel discussion in Paris this afternoon on current global issues. Speakers are to include Antonis Samaras, prime minister of the Hellenic Republic; Carl Bildt, Sweden’s minster for foreign affairs; Andrew Ross Sorkin, editor-at-large of the New York Times’ Dealbook, and Philippe Starck, founder of Starck Network.

Arthur Sulzberger Jr., chairman and publisher of the New York Times, which wholly owns the IHT, cannot attend, due to the death last Saturday of his father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, the former publisher of The New York Times.